By Tara O’brien


Tara O’Brien

Tara has released Four albums thus far. Her first, “Cascade” in 2009, her second, “Petites inspirations” in 2010, and her third, “My Love For You,” in 2011. And most recently “Unchained” was released in 2015. All Four albums are available on Spotify.

Tara started working on her 4th album in 2010. This album, “Unchained” is very different from her first three, incorporating 17 other orchestral instruments (i.e. violin, cello, double bass, french horn, harp, flute, clarinet… and the list goes on). She has written and arranged all the parts.

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A Dark Waltz

by Tara O’Brien

A song from Tara’s most recent album Unchained.


by Tara O’Brien

From Tara’s first album Cascade

De longues heures

by Tara O’Brien

A song from her second album Petites Inspirations.

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